Tennis without Tension  Improving Tennis Performance with the Alexander Technique
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Tennis without Tension
with Gary Adelman

Private Lessons
Group Classes

Glen Head, Long Island,
New York

516 801 0370 (work)
413 441 0517 (cell)
[email protected]

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Listen to an interview with Gary about using the Alexander Technique to improve tennis performance  

Tennis without
Tension Workshops

Bring a Tennis without Tension workshop to your area. The workshop utilizes Gary's expertise in Alexander Technique and tennis, and he will also bring in other holistic methods including tai chi, yoga, martical arts, meditation and breath work - all designed to tune up your game.



Gary Adelman
Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, Tennis Coach
and Former World-Class Tennis Player

Glen Head, Long Island, New York

Benefits of the Alexander Technique to your Tennis Game:

  • Stroking will become smoother and more effortless.

  • Energy will be conserved and you will feel more energized after playing.

  • Movement to the ball will be enhanced, adding quickness, lightness and ease of movement to your game.

  • Calmness and relaxation will grow.

  • Stroking the ball will feel more solid, hits will be cleaner and have more flow.

  • Learn to generate more power while doing less.

  • Learn how to hit the ball with your entire body, using the back and ground as support.

The Alexander Technique is a self-help method that shows people how to stop interfering with an innate support and coordinating mechanism in their body. Developed by F.M. Alexander in the late 1800s as a means to recover his speaking voice, the AT helps restore a dynamic relationship between the head and neck and back which leads to improved breathing, coordinated movement, better posture and effortless balance.

The Alexander Technique is taught through a series of either private or group lessons. The teacher guides the student using gentle, skilled touch and verbal cues, helping the student to release unconscious tension patterns in the body. Through directed thought and undoing of the muscles, length, expansion and elastic tone are regained in the whole body musculature.

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